New from Mobilizer: Local Testing Capabilities on Macs & PCs!

In Product Feature by Chris Strahorn

When building or updating your website, nothing is more critical than QA and testing. But as everyone knows, testing – especially the critical site staging phase – can be a major bottleneck, requiring twisting, turning and, well, a bit of acrobatics…

That is doubly true when your website sits behind a firewall on a local server as it’s being developed, tested and perfected.

That’s why Mobile1st has released local mobile testing capabilities for both Macs and PCs. Now, when your staging site resides behind its firewall, you can critically inspect your pages for glitches and flaws across all leading mobile devices – from Android to Apple and from tablets to phones – in Mobilizer’s online testing farm.

No need to precariously juggle devices in your own jerry-rigged test farm, nor rely on error-prone emulators to ensure your site can burst forth glitch-free in all its blazing glory.

How Does Local Testing Work?

4 Easy Steps

1. When you try to test a local site and enter a non-public URL into Mobilizer, you will be prompted to install the Mobilizer Local Testing application on your Apple or PC.

2. Once installed, on your PC you can log in to Mobilizer Local Testing from the icon using the same username and password you use to access Mobilizer.


Or from the start menu


On your Mac, you can find Mobilizer Local Testing in Finder under Applications, then log in with the same username and password you use to access Mobilizer.

log in mlt

3. Then, in your browser, log in to Mobilizer like normal, and enter the URL for your private staging site.

4. Log in to your staging site.

Finished! Now you can test and QA your web pages through all stages of implementation on 15+ leading phones and tablets with 100% accuracy.

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