Is Your Website Ready? iPhone 6s Testing Now Available

In Technical Brief by Dan Engel

Do you need to test your web pages on iPhone 6s and 6s plus, Samsung’s Galaxy S6, or iOS 9? Then wait no more! Test your website in Mobilizer’s mobile device testing lab now.

Mobile1st is pleased to announce the additions of the latest iPhones and Apple OS, along with the Samsung S6, to our device testing lab – now hosting 17 of the most popular Android and Apple phones and tablets.

One of the beauties of an online testing lab is that you don’t need to pull out a fat bankroll or waste time programming new devices to enjoy testing your website on the latest phones and tablets. Updates come fast, furious and free.

Mobile1st engineers add devices as quickly as they can get their grubby little paws on the new tech delights (and as fast as Amazon can ship). And you can sit back and enjoy that ready, fast access as part of your subscription or free trial, including iPhone 6s testing.

The iPhone 6s’s Worldwide Cannonball

Yes, Apple made a tremendous splash, busting records with its sales of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Consumers grabbed 13+ million handsets just in the opening weekend across 12 countries. That was the mere crest of the wave as Apple rolls out its phones to an additional 40 national markets in October, with plans to hit all 130+ countries by year’s end.

Meanwhile since iOS 9’s release on September 16, a majority of Apple users have upgraded operating systems (57% of US users). Apple has issued two updates 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 to help resolve reported bugs in its new operating system.

Time for Quality Control with iPhone 6s Testing

Millions upon millions of consumers worldwide are giddy with excitement, but the new releases are certain to cause concern among web designers and developers.

Will your website continue to perform with its previous elegance and effectiveness on the new, must-have Apple phones and iOS? Past Apple releases have caused issues: from illegible print to security flaws and missing videos.

Naturally web designers and developers at your company, whether startup or Fortune 500 enterprise, want to be able to check and double-check performance. They want iPhone 6s testing now! That’s why the engineers at Mobile1st have hastened to make available the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Why not check right now how your website performs with Mobilizer’s online testing lab for 100% accurate results.

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