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Make websites more valuable everyday.


Mobile1st began in Austin, Texas in 2014. Initially, we were created to democratize how site content renders flawlessly on any mobile device through proprietary technology (Mobilizer). Like Google, we believed mobile engagement would only grow, along with the world’s expectations that their user experience would improve...every day. Over time, we’ve concluded that there’s no single bullet (not even the one we created), or even by combining a host of applications couldn’t guarantee a site gets more valuable each day. Our experience has proven that it requires smart, insatiably curious, passionate and committed experts to apply a cross section of talent to make this happen. Everyday since our first, Mobile1st has taken a unique approach to site optimization. Not just test velocity, but a designed data-driven model that regardless of your sites’ purpose, Mobile1st makes your site predictably and reliably more valuable every day.

Executive Leadership

Jonathan Silverstein
Jonathan Silverstein, CEO & President

Co-founded Greatest Common Factory (creative/production agency) in 2011. Exited in early 2015. IAB Mobile Center Board Member. Led Digital Media Businesses at Media General and Nexstar Media Group until May, 2017. Jonathan held senior positions from 1994 to 2011 at Omnicom, Interpublic and WPP ad agencies leading strategy, operations, business development and client service for top tier clients such as Southwest.com, AT&T, L.L.Bean, Charles Schwab, Merrill Lynch, Snapple, DreamWorks SKG, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Toshiba to name a few.

Justin Aronstein
Justin Aronstein, CPO

Justin is Mobile1st's Chief Technology Officer. Justin brings a wide range of experience in e-commerce, technology, and product, and bring innovation in his approach to helping find technology solutions for Mobile1st's clients. Justin believes that through research, experimentation, and measurement, companies can maximize growth and marketing return on investment. Justin started his career as co-founder and CTO of Olejo, an e-commerce company that was purchased by Mattress Firm. He later exited LivingDirect as Director of Software Development and Analytics after being acquired by Build.com.

Tom West
Tom West, Chairman & Co-Founder

Tom is a leading expert in eCommerce and mobile commerce with over 25 years of digital leadership. Tom currently serves as CEO of ONELIVE, a leading ecommerce as a service company based in Austin. Tom is a serial CEO and Board member focusing his energy on data-driven growth. He has led multiple sites including Affinipay.com, Dell.com, JC Whitney.com, Carparts.com and Springbox.com.

Dan Engel, Board Director & Co-Founder Mobile1st
Dan Engel, Board Director & Co-Founder

Dan is a venture capitalist working with OCV Partners and NGEN Partners. Dan is a co-founder of Mobile1st and served as CEO from 2015 to mid-2017. In 2005, Dan co-founded FastSpring and was CEO thru 2013, hitting $175 million in gross annual revenue at exit. Prior to FastSpring, Dan led online consumer acquisition for Google’s multi-billion dollar products AdSense and AdWords after Google acquired Picasa in 2004. Before Picasa, Dan led customer acquisition/revenue generation for GoToMyPC and GoToMeeting which helped lead to a $225M acquisition by Citrix which later sold for $1.8 billion.

Nate Pruitt, Board Member
Nate Pruitt, Board Member

Nate provides web/mobile strategy and inbound marketing services to companies striving to generate revenue via marketing channels. Nate handled marketing and sales at Eloqua, an early pioneer in automated marketing and demand generation software, as well as at Savvion, M5 Networks and Asure Software. Nate has held the position of Marketing Director, Regional VP, CMO, VP of Sales, Senior Director of Demand Generation and Board Member.

Key Leadership

Jonathan Silverstein
Connor Burke, Director of Optimization & UX Strategy