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Track and improve key performance metrics like conversion rate, bounce rate and load time by device.

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Case Study – Smart Flour Foods

“As part of a complete website overhaul, we were able to launch the Smart Flour Foods site with confidence that it would perform across a range of mobile devices based on a complete QA process utilizing Mobilizer.”

– Stephanie S., Creative Director, Springbox Digital Partners

Smart Flour Foods has since experienced a 32% increase in mobile traffic driving revenue growth.
Background: Springbox Digital Partners was able to effectively manage expectations and delivery timelines throughout their engagement with Smart Flour Foods by highlighting progression of their project outputs across key milestones. Visual outputs from Mobilizer – showing real world engagement on their mobile web – continuously demonstrated their focus on omni-channel device experience and scope tracking. Combining test automation with rendering across market-leading real devices on Mobilizer ensure confidence in production rollout. The report, which included version changes, performance metrics, and real user experience, served to align the many stakeholders attached to this high profile activity including Business, Marketing, Dev/Test/QA, and Operations.

“Mobilizer is a must-have tool for any marketer or developer that cares about the mobile user experience.”

— Brandon McGee, Head of Mobile Growth Marketing at Facebook

  • No one screen size
    has more than
    of the market share.
    Source: Mobify Research and Development

    Mobilizer displays your site on market leading
    mobile devices simultaneously.

  • There are over
    1.2 billion
    people accessing the web from
    their mobile devices.
    Source: Trinity Digital Marketing

    Use Mobilizer Local Testing to check
    your site before they all see it.

  • 57%
    of mobile customers will abandon
    your site if they have to wait 3
    seconds for a page to load.
    Source: Strangeloop Networks

    Get notified when your site is slow on mobile
    with Mobilizer Alerts.

  • 80%
    of the reasons users cite for not
    buying products on mobile are related
    to poor visual user experience.
    Source: comScore

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    with Mobilizer.

  • Kellogg’s recently experienced a
    75% increase
    in sales with just a 40% improvement
    in viewability across mobile devices.
    Source: comScore

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    and conversion with Mobilizer.