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Our Optimization Services

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Page Speed

Our experts will help optimize images, improve code issues and test across all dominant devices to render your site to meet consumer speed expectations and boost conversion.

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A/B Test

Our mobile UX designers and engineers design, build, and monitor A/B tests to determine the best performing changes for your site with proprietary algorithm’s directly tied to Google Analytics.

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Our team guides implementation of all successful tests and beneficial software on your site and tracks the conversion rate improvements

We make improvements to these key areas to
substantially increase mobile visitor conversion

  • Page Speed (Web Performance)
  • Google Analytics / Funnel Metrics / Tagging Structure
  • Mobile User Experience / A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Bounce Rate
  • Session Time
  • AOV
  • Revenue Per Visit
  • Shopping Cart / Abandonment Rate
  • Site Confidence
  • Check Out
  • eCommerce Optimizations for Mobile
  • No one screen size
    has more than
    of the market share.
    Source: Mobify Research and Development
  • There are over
    1.2 billion
    people accessing the web from
    their mobile devices.
    Source: Trinity Digital Marketing
  • 57%
    of mobile customers will abandon
    your site if they have to wait 3
    seconds for a page to load.
    Source: Strangeloop Networks
  • 80%
    of the reasons users cite for not
    buying products on mobile are related
    to poor visual user experience.
    Source: comScore
  • Kellogg’s recently experienced a
    75% increase
    in sales with just a 40% improvement
    in viewability across mobile devices.
    Source: comScore

Mobilizer, Mobile1st’s proprietary mobile UX inspection technology, allows a site to be tested on 15+ mobile devices simultaneously to quickly identify issues that lead to poor mobile conversion. Mobilizer is not an emulator so Mobile1st can view your website on real devices like they were in our hand.     

Mobilizer proved to be such an advantage that it is now only available for Mobile1st staff, but previously it was used by over 170,000 individuals and agencies around the world who did their own mobile content and web performance testing against real mobile devices.   

It’s one of over 65 powerful tools which the Mobile1st optimization service team relies on to reduce our clients site speed and significantly improve their order conversion rates (OCR) performance.

Mobilizer PerformanceMobile Speed Optimization
Mobile1st has been one of our most significant partners since 2018. Their expertise and leadership in CRO has enabled us to pivot to be a better data-driven & test, learn and optimize organization.
Matt Corey
Chief Marketing Officer