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Benefits of the Mobilizer Mobile Performance Platform

Boost revenue, user engagement, and Google rankings by optimizing for mobile

Optimizing UX for mobile improves revenue and user engagement. Page speed and mobile-readiness are high-quality ranking distinctions that determine the placement in search engine results. The faster a site is and the more it caters to mobile devices, the more likely it is to be seen and clicked on by Google search users.

Protect your brand by identifying broken web pages

Spot-check your website across market-leading mobile devices in just seconds. Catch defects before they impact the bottom line or injure your brand’s reputation.

View on real mobile devices with 100% accuracy

See your web pages exactly as your customers see them. With Mobilizer, you get test results that are faster, easier and more accurate than emulators – delivered right to your browser.

Increase page performance and mobile conversion rates with device-level metrics

Only Mobilizer’s metrics help you understand your site’s performance on each mobile device. With those numbers, you can identify success factors and increase conversions while getting users to take more actions.

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“Finding and fixing unintended visual and UX issues across mobile devices is simple with Mobilizer MPP. What used to take days to address has been reduced to minutes.”

— Mike Pugh, VP Marketing, J2 Global