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Mobile1st knows what they're doing. They dedicated the right data analytics and technical experts to stand up Ghirardelli's A/B testing efforts with Monetate correctly from the start.
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Since inception, we’ve delivered no less than 10x annualized ROI to all our clients in first year. Most enjoy more.



Minimum we commit in year 1 to improve your web performance and mobile conversion.

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Your time & resources are precious. Our process is optimized to ensure the time we spend together is efficient*

*Based on average month activity, single A/B test review & approval, mock-up approvals, bi-weekly results data reporting/review and client dev. resources to implement winning code

Mobile1st is simply the best at their craft. Their expertise and leadership in CRO has been a big part of us doubling in nearly every KPI and revenue metric.
Brad Day
President / COO

Thousands of A/B Tests Conducted

Our Senior Mobile CRO Experts, UX Designers, Data Analysts, and Mobile Developers have completed thousands of mobile and desktop A/B tests. As a result, we at Mobile1st are deeply knowledgeable about what works vs. what doesn’t work online for retailers and we are anxious to put that knowledge to work for you.

Mobile A/B Testing
Benchmarking by Mobile1st

Mobile KPI Benchmarking Data

Mobile1st leverages its proprietary mobile technology to gather industry data on mobile page performance, conversion rates, and other key metrics, which are then utilized to let our clients know where they stand relative to industry benchmarks and help them out-perform their competition on key mobile performance indicators.

Page Speed Optimization

57% of mobile customers abandon your site if they have to wait over 3 seconds for a page to load, and every second of load time reduction leads to a 7% increase in conversion rate. Mobile1st goes beyond traditional conversion optimization by evaluating and improving your site’s speed, further increasing conversion while aiding your Google PageRank score (page speed impacts Google rankings).

Mobile1st can also handle minification, image compression, image optimization by device/browser (via The Mobile1st Image Engine), identification of unused CSS, and more.

Mobile Speed Optimization by Mobile1st


Web Analysis by Mobile1st

  • Google Analytics/Data Analysis
  • Website Analysis
  • UX/Usability Analysis
  • Shopping Cart/Lead Capture and Form Analysis
  • Funnel Path and Abandonment Review
  • Visual UI Inspection by Device
  • Page Load Time Assessment by Device
  • Page Weight and Image Optimization Analysis
  • Content/Copy Review
  • Heat Map Analysis
  • Optimization Best Practices Review


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