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Mobile1st Launches New Tool that Identifies Common Web Page Display Problems on the Most Popular Mobile Phones

“Mobilizer enables users to resolve issues long before they become problems and start impacting revenues and user engagement rates,” says CEO Dan Engel. “The iPhone 7 is out but how will companies keep up with all the latest variety of devices, mobile browsers, and operating systems their customers are using while still testing their web pages on older devices and configurations that are still very popular? The answer is Mobilizer.” … READ MORE

Find common web page display problems on mobile phones with Mobile1st

Mobile1st has announced the launch of a new product to give web professionals and marketers a new tool for improving mobile user experience and conversion opportunities on mobile devices.

Mobilizer delivers an instant, side-by-side snapshot of what customers actually see on 14 of the most popular mobile devices … READ MORE

5 Must-Track Mobile Metrics: Measuring the Mobile User Experience

There are five must-track mobile metrics for monitoring and evaluating your customers’ experiences. These five numbers will help you understand why customers are embracing your brand or, instead, expressing extreme exasperation over their experience to everyone within the increasingly broad circumference of their social media circle … READ MORE

How Mobile Builds the Multi-Channel Customer Journey

Under the pressure of always-on, always-connected technology, our rituals of shopping have shape-shifted. Now customers leapfrog from websites to social media to stores and onto in-store online chat as they embrace the convenience and choice offered by a multi-channel shopping experience. And at the hub, linking all the channels, is mobile … READ MORE

Digital Retail Showcase:
11 Companies to Know

Last week, Website Magazine ventured out into our hometown of Chicago to attend IRCE. At the show, our editors were able to learn more about some of the companies and products regularly covered on our blog, as well as discover new companies offering some pretty cool solutions … READ MORE

Why and how to comprehensively test the mobile usability of your site

Testing with Google’s mobile-friendly and page-speed tests is a good, but if you really want competitive edge on the mobile web this is just the starting point … READ MORE

Google launches tool to test your site’s mobile friendliness and speed

Announced on the Google Small Business blog yesterday: a new tool to test how your site works across different devices.
It seems to be a combination of the mobile friendly and page speed tools, though it is useful to have these tests in one place … READ MORE

Mobile design and the art of doing one thing well

It’s best to do one thing really, really well – is one of Google’s “10 things” philosophy, written when the company was in its infancy. This is a great mantra for mobile projects to follow … READ MORE

The Ultimate Marketing Technology Toolkit: 50 Must-Have Tools

The right mix of MarTech tools can streamline marketing functions for marketers and enable them to focus on the core tasks that nurture leads and drive revenue. That’s why we’ve compiled our ultimate marketing technology toolkit … READ MORE

Inspiration dried up on your mobile design project? 47 awesome resources are here to save you

Some of most respectable experts on mobile design in the world gave us their real, actionable strategies and examples that will help you achieve your design goals right away … READ MORE

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