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At Mobile1st, we are in the business of perfecting mobile conversion. That means propelling enhanced user experiences and elevating mobile conversion rates for ecommerce and brand marketing firms. To accomplish this goal, our team of mobile experts employ a toolbox jam-packed with over 65 partner apps for A/B testing, improving user experience, reducing page load times and delivering greater order conversion rates. And our team prides itself on staying up-to-date on the latest technology, testing, software updates and tinkering with what’s new and best.

In fact we’ve even invented our own priority software, Mobilizer™, for analyzing visual UX on phones and tablets. But here I want to bring to your attention another tool that has impressed us for its effectiveness and ease of use. Monetate Test & Segment™, which has proved effective for small and midsize businesses as well as enterprise firms like J. Crew and Office Depot, is now available through a new partnership with Mobile1st that offers the benefits of both.

Mobile1st is one of Monetate’s most valued partners: authorized to resell, service and support Monetate Test & Segment. It’s the exact same solution that is available for purchase directly from Monetate, but it is offered here coupled with conversion rate optimization and Monetate implementation expertise from Mobile1st.

Defining Testing and Segmentation

Certainly, I’ve discussed A/B testing multiple times (including here and here). This process of experimental testing directs your traffic to competing versions of your website in order to assess which one performs better. A/B testing is a foundational tool for all E-commerce and online retailer efforts. It lets marketing masters quantitatively verify their intuitions about what drives conversion and elevates user experience.

A/B testing is one of the core methods of website personalization. Segmentation is a related method, also under the personalization umbrella. With segmentation, your stream of traffic is divided up according to such variables as demographics, point of origin, local weather, types of interactions with your websites, and more. The tool helps identify the segments that are most impactful for your business, so that your team can generate targeted offers and designs for different audience groups. The next step is to use A/B testing to measure the performance of messaging, specialized offers, and a UX tailored to each segment, to see how that enhances conversion. For example, customer segments can be offered discounts, promotions, or special functionality. Each set of test results supplies learning for the next round of enhancements, ensuring a dynamic and accelerating process of conversion optimization.

Segmentation and testing can be extremely technical exercises when performed 100% manually, but they are made much more accessible by the latest wave in automated testing tools. Your test and segment tool should be easy and intuitive on the front end for marketing teams, while on the back end, automation and time-tested algorithms should do all the heavy lifting.

The best platforms, including Monetate, identify the most critical segments by seamlessly combining:

  • Data from your own CRM and POS
  • Contextual data — derived from search behavior, demographics, shopping activities and more
  • And lastly, real-time data based on prospect interaction with your website and your A/B tests

Monetate: Our Preferred Conversion Rate Optimization Tool

“Monetate’s easy-to-use platform allows me to easily create, test and deploy personalized digital experiences to my clients. Results are fast and clear. They provide valuable analytics that can be used for quick, easy and efficient targeting segments of the market.”

– Mike Schmutz, UX Testing Pro at Mobile1st

“While many optimization testing tools remain unchanged, Monetate is innovating. Just as the world is evolving toward mobile, I know Monetate is speeding there too.”

– Julie Engel, CRO Expert at Mobile1st

“Monetate scores well within all of the major categories, particularly for overall platform experience. It’s no surprise then that most of its customers use each of the product’s key [experience optimization] capabilities.”

– Forrester Wave™, “Experience Optimization Platforms, Q2 2018: The Eight Providers That Matter Most and How They Stack Up”

In the course of delivering improved mCRO to our clients, the Mobile1st team has test driven a veritable slew of apps, and Monetate has impressed us all around as a superior product, competing quite effectively against the VWOs and Google Optimize 360s. That’s why we’re particularly excited to offer Test & Segment as part of a package with Mobile1st. Monetate is a trusted and proven solution for businesses of all sizes, having served small and midsize customers for almost a decade alongside their enterprise clients. But now for the first time it is available through a partnership that combines the unique expertise of Mobile1st for small to midsize business with the personalization power of Monetate technology. As a segmentation and testing tool, Monetate has impressed us over competing platforms on the market for five reasons in particular:

  1. Monetate makes it easy to design data-driven experiences.
  2. It offers a remarkable 100 data points right out of the box, enabling you to jumpstart your efforts to identify critical segments.
  3. The platform provides unlimited experience testing.
  4. Uniquely delivers dynamic testing: your experiment can be set up automatically, adjusting traffic to drive maximum ROI all the time during critical retail periods.
  5. Monetate scales to efficiently deliver results for small- and medium-sized businesses, not just global brands.

Mobile1st is a leader in marketing technology and site optimization solutions. More than prioritizing and executing industry leading CRO practices, we do what makes the money; optimizing our Client’s digital commerce product toward consistent financial growth and ROI. All achieved through excellence in Lean UX, Analytics, Research, Experimentation and Development.
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