Mobilizer Features

Ensure your users’ mobile experience is flawless and optimized for conversion, performance and user engagement with Mobilizer’s unique feature set.

Device Featutes by Mobile1st

View Your Complete Website

Get a holistic view of your website both above and below the fold so you can optimize web content for mobile.

  • Mobilizer’s patented technology allows you to view the entire length of your web page, no matter how long it stretches.
  • Our unique fold line indicator helps you ensure that key site elements retain optimum placement on mobile devices.
  • See results on multiple mobile devices simultaneously, in less than 35 seconds. It’s like holding over a dozen devices in your hands!
Mobile Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization

Real Devices

View your website on actual, live mobile devices (not emulators) in our testing lab for 100% accuracy.

  • Use Mobilizer to test your web pages on the latest phones and tablets with zero maintenance hassles or set-up costs.
  • Our devices are strategically selected to capture the largest share of the smartphone market and operating systems. New devices are continuously added, often before public release.
  • We maintain multiple versions of each device in our Austin, Texas, lab to ensure efficiency in processing requests and for redundancy purposes.

Side-by-Side Comparisons

Compare your website across multiple devices simultaneously to identify defects fast, achieve brand consistency, and easily compare device-level metrics.

  • Mobilizer’s side-by-side technology provides the perspective needed to find issues quickly, enabling you to drive continuous site improvements and ensure superior user experience.
  • Easily spot if any particular mobile device is deviating from your brand guidelines for look, feel and overall experience. Ensure that your brand is delivering the ideal experience across all platforms.
  • Compare and contrast device-level metrics in side-by-side views to see which devices are underperforming and which are outperforming your general website’s measures for bounce rate, conversion rate and load time.
Mobile Testing

Reports & Screenshots

Easily generate reports and images to share insights with stakeholders and other team members.

  • Share Mobilizer results with one click.
  • Download the mobile view of your site for presentations and reports.
  • Select which devices you wish to display, singly or side-by-side.
  • Display key mobile metrics alongside the mobile render of your page.
Mobilizer Features

Device-Level Analytics

Deep dive into mobile performance with device-level analytics to drive optimization.

  • Quickly compare numbers on individual devices to identify issues before they impact your revenue and reputation.
  • Set baselines and measure changes to propel continuous improvements.
  • Device Analytics include :
    • Load time
    • Share of sessions that are new
    • Number of sessions
    • Number of new users
    • Share of total mobile traffic
    • Session duration
    • Conversion rate
    • Twelve-month revenue
    • Bounce rate
Mobilizer Analysis Features
Alerts Configuration in Mobilizer

Automated Alerts

Get alerted via email or text when key metrics like load time or conversion rate change on specific mobile devices.

  • Customize alert notifications based on your key performance metrics.
  • Specify the threshold for change and time period for comparison (day, week, month).
  • Track improvements in performance issues.

Automated Renders

Stay on top of how your web pages are displaying on mobile devices with regularly scheduled Mobilizer renders – delivered right to your inbox.

  • Specify one or more URLs to be automatically rendered and emailed to you. Track all your web pages or just the ones you frequently update.
  • Add as many recipients as desired to your Automated Render email list – keep team members and stakeholders informed.
  • Save time, eliminate complexity, and empower your whole team to become customer experience officers.
Automated Features by Mobile1st

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