IRCE 2016: Optimize Your Mobile Website with Mobilizer

In Commentary by Dan Engel

Will we see you at IRCE in Chicago this week? IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition) is where retailers discover state-of-the-art solutions to their eCommerce issues. It’s where you can hear the most visionary perspectives on the online retail of tomorrow while discovering the most practical answers to your problems of today.

IRCE 2016 retailer ecommerceIRCE is four days of thought-leadership and debates over best digital retail practices, along with 600+ e-commerce vendors demonstrating how their products will enhance your delivery of online retail.

One big question for retailers at IRCE is what to do about mobile to produce the greatest return. That’s why IRCE is devoting a day-long workshop to addressing all manner of mobile retail issues.

Among the topics for close consideration during the 9 planned sessions are:

Mobile Optimization Demos @ Booth 257

Many attending IRCE will be pondering how to best exploit the immense power of mobile. And that’s why Mobilizer will be setting up shop in Booth 257. With our leading mobile performance platform, you will gain much-need visibility into your mobile visitors’ experience, so you can elevate their engagement and boost conversion rates.

We will be delivering live demos of how Mobilizer offers far-reaching insights into your mobile users’ experiences. Our hook: Give us 35 seconds and you will see exactly what your website visitors see on market-leading mobile devices as though they were holding them in their hands.

The Mobile Testing Lab in Action: Wrigley

For instance, if Wrigley Gum, a longtime Chicago favorite, stops by booth 257, we plan to show them how their site performs on mobile…

Wrigley mobile optimization test IRCE

On an Android tablet, Wrigley definitely delivers, but on an iPad… not so much. Marketing teams distinctly need better insight into their mobile performance – the kind of fast, easy, accurate visibility that Mobilizer provides.

Belkin Stumbles on Mobile

What if representatives from hi-tech hardware manufacturer Belkin stop by and take us up on our offer to test their website in a mere 35 seconds or less?

Belkin mobile optimization test

A quick review of Belkin’s website in our online mobile lab exposes a significant departure from best practices in mobile responsive web design. When displayed on phones and tablets, the right side of Belkin’s website is chopped off, forcing mobile visitors to swipe right to see the complete image and text. If you are striving to burnish your reputation in the highly competitive world of high tech, a failure to deliver a superior user experience on mobile has got to hurt.

Ready to Take the Mobilizer Challenge?

No matter whether the news is good or bad, only Mobilizer delivers the fast, accurate insights that your whole team can use to elevate your mobile performance — all in a matter of seconds.

If you are attending IRCE with the goal of optimizing your mobile engagement and retail sales, and you should be, make sure to stop by booth 257. We would love to talk, test your website, and see how our mobile performance platform can help you. Or tweet us @getmobilizer to schedule some time directly with the Mobile1st leadership team.

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