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In Mobile Testing by Dan Engel

Apple released its iPhone 7 and 7 plus on September 16 to less than stellar reviews and a dip in sales. But what bodes poorly for Apple and its millions of consumer devotees worldwide may well cause web developers and mobile marketers to celebrate.

With its must-have technology and almost immediate adoption by close to 100 million buyers globally, each release of an iPhone or iOS update carries significant risks for mobile marketing. In particular, each new model may come with glitches and bugs that require quick testing of your mobile website.

Have you procured your iPhone 7 and 7 plus for testing? Have you joined join the snaking lines of avid buyers outside the Apple stores in a mad dash to spend a cool $1,418 (and tax) on the new tech toys?

Not to fear – for your convenience and testing perfection, Mobilizer has already installed the latest release from Apple in its online mobile testing lab. Now you can engage in iPhone7 testing with 100% confidence and see if your web pages are delivering the mobile user experience you strive for and are achieving the sales conversions you expect.

Quickly inspect how your web pages display with iPhone 7 testing

mobile optimization on iphone 7 testing

iPhone 7 Faltering?

In anticipation of its annual sales-breaking release, Apple ordered its Chinese factories to increase output to 72-78 million of the new models for the final two quarters of 2016.

But iPhone 7 and 7 plus lack the stylistic and tech innovations guaranteed to wow or just plain satisfy early adopters. And thus, the new models have experienced lower-than-expected sales, not to mention mockery from such comics as Conan, Maher and Kimmel. Sales for launch weekend tracked a surprising 25% lower than the iPhone 6 release in 2015, reports Tech Times. Such news immediately propelled a 2% drop in Apple stock.

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Of course, 60 to 70 million new phone sales is nothing to sneeze at. Indeed by the end of the first weekend, iPhone 7 and 7 plus were already numbering 1.32% of all iPhone users.

So sadly, yes your site needs extensive iPhone 7 testing and to be prepared for an inundation of iPhone 7 users.

Apple: A History of Glitches?

test iphone 7 bugsSure we love Apple and its ingenious panoply of mobile devices. But the course of true love never runs smooth. Past Apple releases – whether phone, tablet or iOS – have come with their own treacherous minefield of rendering and usability issues. That means your website needs to be tested and sometimes reconfigured to run glitch-free on the new products and software.

Now is the time to gain full, easy visibility into your website’s performance on the latest Apple innovations – before issues or bugs impact your revenue and tarnish your brand. Take the Mobilizer test today for free.

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