Y Media Lab: Mobilizer Is Great Mobile Optimization Tool

Dan Engel Commentary

Lately, there’s been a buzz about Mobile1st. Digital marketers, including mobile app developer Y Media Labs and marketing content master Docurated, are talking about us.

Why? Because we empower marketing teams with streamlined visibility into their mobile performance and actionable analytics, but also because they appreciate our thought leadership.

Our thanks especially to Y Media Lab, who declares:

“We love Mobile1st because…

On the Mobile1st homepage, you will find a great tool that checks if your website is mobile ready. See exactly what your users see when they visit your website on more than 15 actual mobile devices. On top of that, the blog offers great advice on mobile strategies and, more generally speaking, how to adopt a “mobile first” mindset.”

We feel the love and say: “Right back at you Y Media Labs!”

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Image at top courtesy of Flickr and Julie.