Top 50 Must-Have Marketing Tools, Featuring Mobilizer

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What’s a must-have marketing tool? One that is easy and simple, yes, but also powerful — delivering robust insights and actionable intelligence.

But the number of new marketing tools, along with the data they provide, is reaching an overwhelming level of complexity. In 2011, there were a mere 150 marketing apps. Now, five years later, the number of marketing tools has exploded to 3874. In this crowded marketplace of solutions, it’s nearly impossible to separate the truly awesome tool from the sadly mediocre.

Must-Have Marketing Tools: A Curated List

But you, like every marketing team leader, want to discover and explore the latest innovative solutions (and review, test and evaluate them) because they offer a well-documented ROI – on average a remarkable 223% return according to new data from Venture Beat.

Fortunately, the marketing content masters at Docurated have reviewed the latest apps and compiled a list of “50 Must-Have Marketing Tools.”

mobile marketing tools

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Proudly, in its top 50, Docurated rightly recognizes Mobile1st’s mobile testing lab as an essential mobile marketing tool. Mobilizer, reports Docurated, provides a critical “window into how users view [a company’s] web pages across popular mobile devices.” Companies, such as Tesla, have discovered to their regret that, when they lack visibility into UX across a range of phones and tablets, they risk delivering an embarrassingly poor customer experience, right when they are trying their utmost to impress.

Beyond highlighting the utility of Mobilizer, Docurated has done the hard work of surveying the multitude of new tools being released and identifying those critical to digital marketers. Among their top 50 must haves, you will recognize some of the big and well-established solutions that no reputable marketing team would do without, such as Google Analytics and Optimizely.

Top-Five Mobile Optimization Tools

But there are also a host of newcomers. Drilling down into their top-five mobile optimization tools, you may strike gold, discovering such nuggets as Varvy Mobile SEO and Ensighten Mobile. As marketers now fully recognize, mobile is a critical channel for customer engagement and conversion. Moreover, mobile requires its own distinctive toolset to ensure optimization.

Ensighten Mobile provides tools for tracking and enhancing consumer experience within mobile apps. Once issues are identified, Ensighten enables real-time A/B and multivariate testing of apogee design and user flows to ensure a peak UX. Varvy Mobile SEO, in contrast, helps boost your mobile site’s all-important search engine ranking. As Google has declared, mobile friendliness is critical for your page ranking. Varvy automates mobile SEO testing, delivering insights into ranking issues and their rectification.

Take a look right now at these 50 must-have marketing tools and see which solutions you want to investigate as potential game-changers.

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