4 Lame Excuses for Neglecting Responsive Design Testing

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When talking to website developers and other digital professionals, we’re always interested to here what their workflow is for responsive website design testing. It’s surprising and a common theme that there is a lack of a formal testing plan. We’re offered a variety of reasons. Here are a few.

1 – Responsive design testing is expensive.

Many companies aren’t providing a comprehensive testing lab because of costs. But it’s a skewed concept when you put those costs in perspective of the overall spend of project cost and the negative branding that can occur when users interact with broken functionality.

Driving visitors to your website is expensive. Successfully getting someone to visit your site, but then delivering a poor experience is a good way to diminish the marketing ROI for your company or your client. There is a cost in both time and services, but ultimately great visitor experiences increase the efficacy of every marketing dollar spent.

2 – There are too many devices to purchase them all.

With Mobilizer, you can test on devices in our lab. We take responsibility for keeping an inventory of up-to-date devices of all types, so that you can concentrate on your responsive design testing, while we maintain and own the hardware.

3 – Mobile responsive design testing takes too long.

We’ve all been there, the project is late and you don’t have time for extensive testing.

You go to the testing bench and some devices are missing and others aren’t charged. Then once they are charged, you realize the software hasn’t been updated. And finally, you have to pull up the site on one device at a time.

By using Mobilizer you can easily perform your responsive design testing in minutes and can easily view your site on all of the devices at once.

4 – Most people use either iOS or Android, so if it looks OK on my iPhone and Bob’s Samsung Galaxy, we’re good to go.

Not so fast. Without comprehensive responsive design testing and mobile website browser testing across many devices, you really have no idea exactly what your visitors will see. Mobilizer will soon have functionality that allows you to select the operating system and the browser that you want to test on.

Mobilizer helps clients deliver a fantastic experience on any device. No excuses necessary.

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