Mobilegeddon: How to Succeed in Google’s Mobile-Friendly World

In Commentary by Dan Engel

Google’s much hyped and feared “Mobilegeddon” has come and gone. Did you survive? At least a few digital marketing masters woke up to survey the damage and were stunned at how the rampaging search engine had trampled into dust their carefully crafted marketing empire.

Hopefully, you escaped the worst of the destruction. But now is not the time for complacency!

You survived Google’s Mobilegeddon, but that may only hide the real risks that beset your digital marketing. The tsunami of customers addicted to web-surfing on their phones may actually be swamping your sales efforts.

Not the End of the World?

As most every master of web marketing knows – from stressed-out VPs down to overworked web developers – that was the day Google transformed its intricately wrought website ranking algorithm. The search tool decreed that all sites must be easily viewable on mobile devices or else be penalized in their rankings.

Google has finally caught up to the litany of marketing execs calling for a “mobile-first” approach to online commerce. From the digital media masters at Wall Street Journal and Amazon to your local pizzeria, executives know that the phone is where their customers are – reading their daily news blast, bargain shopping or contemplating their evening meal choices.

Google recognized that the revenues of companies and the careers of executives hinged on mastering the new calculations of their search engine, so they released more precise criteria for mobile friendliness. And, they even made available a tool for assessing how mobile loving your websites is.

A Monster Stalks Marketing

Yep, you survived Google’s algorithm alteration. But suppose the ground has really shifted for online marketing. Suppose an earthquake has silently and even invisibly seriously disrupted your web-marketing efforts and you don’t realize it.

The sad truth is that Google’s efforts to assess websites’ mobile friendliness may actually be blinding marketing gurus to deficiencies in their online presence. Currently, most online retailers earn only a “barely passing grade of C or D for their use of mobile technology,” reports Mobiquity, based on its survey. “Fifty-four percent are merely ‘meeting expectations.”

Indeed, what Google counts as mobile friendly may not meet customers’ commonsense standards of user friendly. Googlebot, as Google affectionately labels its web crawler that indexes the 45 billion web pages, doesn’t see with human eyes.

In the translation to a 4- or 6-inch screen (on myriad devices and operating systems) your site may suffer all kinds of collateral distortion. That’s of course why designers and digital marketers view and re-view their pages with painstaking attention. How does your mobile rendered page look? And more importantly, how does its reduced format subtly influence the quality of visits and sales conversions?

That’s the kind of killer data you need, but it’s data that usually takes a truckload of your precious time and money to obtain.

What’s Needed?

  • As Google insists, your essential goal must be a mobile friendly site that can entice prospects and convert them to customers.
  • You need a fast and easy tool that enables you to inspect and compare your site’s display and operations on mobile platforms. Side-by-side display would be great.
  • Your tool should correlate those visual demonstrations with effective statistics on performance. For each mobile platform, must-have metrics include mobile share of traffic, bounce rate, level of engagement and conversion. That data enables you to optimize your mobile conversion rate by understanding what is working and what needs to be improved.

Luckily, you don’t have to look far for such a tool. Check out our fresh-released, already-winning-acclaim mobile site optimizer. Mobilizer lets you see how your site appears on 14 actual devices and compare their display one next to the other in just 30 seconds! Further it gives you the deep-dive data on your site’s performance on each platform.

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