Startup Life – Team Outing

Chris Strahorn Company Culture

Here at Ivity Labs, we live the startup life – we work tons of hours, but we also know that having fun and spending time enjoying life is equally as important. After weeks of having our heads down focusing on the Mobilizer launch, we decided that a team outing was necessary.

Our Director of Product, Dina, wouldn’t tell us where we were going.  She only would say to be prepared to be out all day and some of the night.

We began the day with a champagne toast at the Driskill 1886 Café in downtown Austin. We ate breakfast and then headed to The Panic Room.

The Panic Room is an escape room game where you have an hour to solve puzzles to escape the room. It was a great exercise in problem solving and team communication and one of the highlights of the day.

We then went for beer tasting, BYOB put put golf at Peter Pan, and a movie at iPic. That evening we headed for wine tasting at Cru, and then drinks at a team member’s house where guitar playing and a dance party ensued.

Yes! We took an entire day off to have fun. That’s what we are all about, the startup life. #workhardplayhard

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