How Mobile1st Increased Pura Vida Bracelet’s Mobile E-Commerce Revenue By 11%

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Mobile1st’s mobile optimization experts deliver a 15x return on investment for a leading jewelry e-tailer while reducing checkout abandonment by 25%.


Pura Vida Bracelets is a Southern California-based company that sells millions of elegant, hip beaded bracelets – all hand-crafted in Costa Rica. The company behind the artisan store is a tech-savvy, state-of-the-art company that knows how important it is on mobile to deliver an easy, engaging, and streamlined user experience.

“The mobile conversion experts at Mobile1st generated an ROI for us of over 15X.”Griffin Thall, CEO, Pura Vida Bracelets

Despite all their online success, Pura Vida’s executive team felt its e-commerce store could perform even better on phones and tablets. Like most e-commerce sites, its mobile conversion rate was far lower than its desktop conversion rate. So the Pura Vida team turned to Mobile1st for help.

Testing 10 Core Factors for Mobile Optimization

The mobile-focused UX pros, data analysts, CRO directors, developers, and designers at Mobile1st rolled up their sleeves and got to work. They checked 10 distinct mobile elements to identify issues and opportunities for perfecting the mobile conversion rate (CRO).top 10 ways to optimize mobile CRO

In their review, the Mobile1st team noted that a good share of visitors, especially higher conversion customers, were interacting with the site’s lifestyle images, which depicted the use of Pura Vida products in varied consumer contexts. For the team’s next step: “We set up a segment in Google Analytics to see if the amount of image clicks correlated to higher conversion rates and AOV (average order value). We discovered that the increase in conversion rates was an impressive 135%.”

Our team of experts then employed an A/B test to determine if this increased conversion rate was merely a correlation effect of users who were more engaged with the site or if there was also an element of causation. They wondered if engagement with the images actually induce a higher rate of conversion?

mobile optimization experts at workmobile optimization a-b test

“Mobile1st improved our e-commerce store revenue 11% while reducing our checkout abandonment rate by 25%, all from a single web page improvement.”CEO Griffin Thall

The A/B test offered a significant validation. By implementing a redesign of the product page, they could deliver a 9.6% lift in conversions. More specifically, the team moved the product lifestyle images to a more prominent position — under the main product image, yet above the cart button — while also eliminating links that were diverting consumers from the purchase funnel.

Pura Vida Reaps Rich Rewards by Targeting Mobile

Engaging Mobile1st’s mobile optimization services resulted in substantial financial gains for Pura Vida, amounting to a return on their investment of over 1,500%.

Mobile1st is in the business of perfecting mobile conversion. Our team of CRO and subject matter experts guide ecommerce-driven companies toward greater mobile web and app revenue results by applying global best practices and continuous data analytics testing. Specifically, Mobile1st optimizes the 3 core efforts that dramatically impact mobile conversion most: mobile site Speed/Performance, UX/Usability, and Shopping Cart/Checkout.
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