5 Reasons Marketing Must Perfect Mobile Responsive Email in 2016

In Commentary by Dan Engel

Email Marketing Resolution #1 of 2016: Go Mobile or Go Home

OK, so maybe my subhead overstates email marketing agency StrongView’s endorsement of optimizing your email for mobile in 2106. But dang, there’s a reason to be emphatic here! In fact there are five reasons why better mobile performance must be your number one email marketing priority:

  1. It’s now a fact: the majority of emails are opened on phones or tablets. In its Oct. 2015 research, Experian details the precise number as 55% of emails, 59% if you are a multichannel retailer.
  1. And fully 38% of click-throughs occur on mobile devices.
  1. Indeed, four out of five of marketing managers declare that email is a critical marketing function, reports Salesforce in its 2015 State of the Market. 80% state their revenue is “directly linked” to email operations or that email is a “critical enabler” of their products and services.
  1. But if your email is not mobile optimized for easy reading and interaction, then it’s doomed to a fast click-and-drag to the trash bin. “75% of Americans will simply delete an email before reading it if it is not optimized to be viewed on their screens.”
  2. In tests across 395 million emails, MailChimp discovered that mobile-friendly responsive emails experienced a 15% increase in their click-through rate. Yet here’s a troubling number: 44% of marketing emails are still not mobile-friendly, reports marketing agency Brafton, and are thus missing out on increased potential conversions.

The Final Frontier: The Responsive Landing Page

You owe it to your customers (and your bottom line) to provide an effortless, delightful mobile experience ‒ whether in your emails or in your all-important landing pages (LPs). You need both mobile responsive emails and responsive LPs. Your customers and prospects have jumped one hurdle after another to get to your LP – opening the email, clicking on links. The LP is not the time or place to disrupt your customer’s interaction with a less than stellar user experience.

With the Mobilizer Mobile Performance Platform (MPP), it is remarkably easy to identify user issues in your mobile email landing pages (and your mobile website). Type your LP address into Mobilizer, and within a mere 35 seconds you can visually inspect your LP across market-leading phones and tablets. Quickly identify glitches such as badly cropped images or missing text. For example, consider this LP from a leading clothing retail company.

Together let’s vow to make 2016 our year of mobile perfection!

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