When You’re Rock n’ Roll’s Greatest Exhibitionists, You Gotta Display It Right!

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The legendary Rolling Stones are everywhere these days – playing the biggest rock show in Cuba since la revolución, appearing at Coachella, returning to Las Vegas this autumn, and treating fans to their mega-memorabilia Exhibitionist show, now on in London and coming to New York City soon! Even though It’s Only Rock n’ Roll, when it comes to ensuring your website displays correctly across all mobile devices, it’s best to test it first.

Imagine the surprise of tens of millions of iPhone, Galaxy, Note and HTC users when they hit the Stones’ official website and the menu buttons to download their app and information about the Exhibitionist show appear overlapping the site’s primary graphic. Being that rock is the universal music of rebellion and the Stones are its leading ambassadors, it seems sacrilege that the Glitter Twins and Company aren’t displayed properly in all their glory!

Between the Buttons:

You can still (sort of) read the name of the reissue of the Stones’ 1995 acoustic live album and re-tooled documentary of the same name hiding behind the menu buttons of their website.

But avoiding sour notes like this are easy with Mobilizer’s Chrome extension or app. Now you can see instantly whatever mobile responsive problems a website may have on any leading device. Trying it is free and see how your own site pages look when your users view them on mobile devices, which over 60% of web visitors now do exclusively. Here’s a quick primer on exactly what makes a website “mobile friendly” from the get go.

Join the Revolution, Man

We’re not the only the ones advocating the use of real devices for testing purposes. There’s a grassroots movement (who said grass?) of independently operated labs offering connected devices for testing purposes. They’re called Open Device Labs (or ODLs) and they’re popping up all over the place like magic mushrooms. Mobilizer applauds the ODL community and encourages you to support them by checking Open Device Lab out here.

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