Stay on Top of Your Mobile Performance: Mobile Metrics Alerts

In Product Feature by Dan Engel

Siri, how many types of mobile devices are out there?

By last count, the number shot past 24,093 sometime in 2016 – a major league headache for digital marketing leaders and webdev teams.

Siri, how can I gain insight and visibility into my website’s performance on mobile in the face of such complexity and constant change?


Yes, that is what Mobilizer is all about – enabling you to easily inspect your website’s display on actual mobile devices and check essential per-device metrics. With that visibility and control, you can ensure your website is delivering the desired results on mobile and its major stream of traffic and revenue.

Now Mobilizer is adding a new feature: Alerts

With Mobilizer’s customized mobile metrics alerts, you are notified via email whenever your website’s performance on individual mobile devices departs from your baseline measurements – whether there is a sudden drop in traffic on the iPhone 6s, an increase in bounce rate on the Galaxy S6, or decreased conversions on the iPad Air.

Easy to set up and customize to fit your needs, Mobilizer Alerts extend your visibility and amps up your control, while reducing work and worry.

Core benefits:

  • Ensure your website is delivering optimal user experience and driving conversions on mobile.
  • Stay on top of all key mobile devices and their metrics – avoid surprises.
  • Get notified of issues within 24 hours, so you can fix them fast.
  • Gain peace of mind and around the clock security.
  • Track improvements in performance.

Key Mobile Metric Alerts

You can set up per-device Alerts on the following metrics:

  • Number of Sessions per device
  • Share of Mobile Traffic per device
  • Conversion Rate
  • Bounce rate
  • % New Sessions
  • New Users
  • Session Duration
  • 12 Month Revenue

How to implement Mobilizer Alerts

Step 1: Log In and go to the Alerts menu

Log in to your account at, click on the person icon at the top right and click Alerts.


Step 2: Link to Google Analytics

First, if you haven’t already, make sure your Mobilizer account is linked to your Google Analytics account. Click on the Link GA button, and complete the linking process. (Once linked, Mobilizer provides you with unique per-device metrics to help you optimize your website’s performance on mobile.)

Link Google Analytics to Mobile Alerts
Step 3: Configure Your Mobile Metrics Alert

Enter the URL of the web page you want to receive an alert on.when there are significant changes on specified metrics.

Then click the checkmark button.


Choose the metric you want to be alerted about.

For example, suppose you have updated your website with new messaging and want to know how the changes impact your mobile visitors. You might set an Alert to notify you when Conversions increase or decrease by 3% on any mobile device.


Select the time period that will be compared with the website’s current metric.

Choose the percentage by which the metric must vary and whether the alert is set off by an increase or decrease (or both) in that metric.


The name of the alert is automatically generated.

Step 4: Test and Save Your Alert

Click the Test Alert button to verify your alert is working. This will send a sample alert to your Account email address. Click Save Alert.

When you receive a Mobilizer Alert notification in the future, you can take immediate action to ensure perfect mobile performance, elevated user engagement and ongoing conversions and revenue streams.


Now you are set to stay on top of your website’s performance. You will get notified of any emerging issues or significant alterations (including improvements!) in your mobile metrics – before they can damage your revenues or tarnish your reputation.

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