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Do you need an alternative to to render your mockups? Mobilizer Canvas offers better functionality with less complexity and cost, making your life easier without sacrificing quality.

Unlike PlaceIt and other online mockup services, Mobilizer Canvas:

Requires no additional upcharge for high-resolution images

Mobilizer Canvas understands you want the best quality images for your mockups so your flat fee of $4 per image includes our average image size at whopping 5000×3500 pixels or simply pay $49 per month for unlimited high-resolution images with the ability to cancel at any time. No need to sort through expensive packages or subscription costs as with other providers.

Custom backgrounds

If you don’t have an image and can’t find the exact one you want from our database, you simply notify us and we’ll work towards adding that imagery to the site. We have a full-time photographer on staff to create virtually any image you need. PlaceIt can only offer the images in their database. If you can’t find it there, you’re out of luck.

Requires no complicated license agreements or upcharge for license agreements

Let’s face it: license agreements are the worst. With Mobilizer Canvas, you own your image and can use it anywhere.  With PlaceIt, the type of license agreement you need depends on many factors and stipulations for use are quite detailed.

When you compare Mobilizer Canvas as an alternative, it is clear Mobilizer Canvas offers a simpler cost structure, higher-quality images with less cost, custom images to meet every need, and greater design flexibility.

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