Test local sites with
Mobilizer – Local Testing

Available for Mac OS and Windows.

Get started.

1Download and install
2Login with your Mobilizer account
3Use Mobilizer with your local environment

Local Testing Questions & Answers

How does Mobilizer Local Testing work?

When you enter a URL that is only accessible through your local network (e.g. http://localhost, http://dev.local,, the request waits for Mobilizer Local Testing to establish a secure tunnel to our servers so that the Mobilizer devices can access your local URL. If you are not running Mobilizer Local Testing, you will be prompted to download the application. Once logged in with the Mobilizer Local Testing application, the secure tunnel will be established and our devices will be instructed to load your URL through that secure tunnel.

Is Mobilizer Local Testing secure?

Mobilizer Local Testing establishes a secure, encrypted connection between your machine and Mobilizer’s servers. This connection can only be accessed by Mobilizer’s devices for the purpose of loading URLs that you request. Your site will not be exposed on the internet and the tunnel will only be established for the time required to load your site. Only the Mobilizer User Account that you use in Mobilizer Local Testing can access the tunnels that are created to your machine.

Mac OS X only: Why do I need to download the Mono Runtime Environment (MRE)?

Mobilizer Local Testing was developed using Microsoft’s .NET Framework. To provide Mac OS X users the same experience, we developed the Mac version using Mono and do not embed a version of the Mono Runtime Environment (MRE) with our application installer to keep the size small for users that already have the MRE installed.