JPMorgan Chase’s Exciting Site Redesign – Learning the Lessons of Mobile

In Commentary by Dan Engel

As a fellow addicted to the wild, exciting ride of the startup, I fervently believe business success is all about learning fast. That’s why I admire JPMorgan Chase’s latest website redesign and its colossal pivot to mobile. The new site breaks from traditional banking website design and incorporates the lessons learned from its mobile app.

Lesson 1: The Imperative of Customer Service

First and foremost, Chase has clearly learned the really big lesson of mobile: deliver service to customers when and where they need it, in exactly the manner they desire. For a crucial, yet everyday, service like banking that means mobile accessibility and mobile convenience. The imperative to deliver top-notch customer service is what drives Chase to go mobile, which in turn directly translates to happier customers and more business.

Chase adopted mobile responsive design to ensure its site is “mobile friendly.” The new site perfectly adapts to whatever device the visitor uses, whether it’s the giant, looming screen of a desktop computer or the keyhole-onto-the-world window of a smartphone.

Lesson 2: The Simple Life

A second big lesson taught by mobile is simplicity. Customers on the go are often very goal directed. Complex navigation and multiple functionalities don’t serve their needs nor perform well on a mobile device. According to Tim Parsey, Chase’s head of digital customer experience, the best way to simplify the digital experience is to personalize it. You must learn the customer’s needs and tailor the content so it directly relates to those needs.

Lesson 3: Building a Connection

The third hard-learned lesson is indeed to focus on engagement. The new site avidly seeks to achieve new levels of interactivity and connection, similar to those achieved by Chase’s mobile app. The bank reports its app now has over 21 million users, a jump of 22% from the year prior.

Chase’s site features a more open, lively, personal and personalized style than a straight-laced listing of banking services and products. But Chase’s really novel strategy for fostering a banking site’s engagement is to offer stories that promote a deeper, more emotional relationship. The lively site prominently displays a news feed of useful and entertaining stories.

Here, the bank is taking a page from content marketing strategy. The bank hopes to expand its reach and build more engaged relationships with its audience by offering a stream of fresh content that can attract, involve and, of course, be shared across a slew of social media platforms.

It’s a darn, big, exciting mobile world. And the most successful firms are those that keep their eyes wide open and learn the lessons of a fast-evolving planet. With its new mobile-inspired website, JPMorgan Chase, a company that dates backs a century and a half, has demonstrated it’s a grade A student.

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