What’s Wrong with My Mobile Ads?

In Mobile Testing by Dan Engel

As the go-to tool for everyone on the go – whether for business communications or consumer entertainment – mobile continues to shake up the world and grab market share in online sales and advertising. Now Interactive Advertising Bureau reports that marketing on mobile has jumped an astonishing 66% in 2015 to reach $20.7 billion, even as total digital advertising has surged only 20% to $59.6 billion.

Mobile Advertising: A Good Buy?

Mobile Ads Grow FastIs that $20.7 billion getting results? When you are talking about giant treasure troves of money, it’s essential to determine what your customers actually see when your mobile ad is featured prominently online. Does it display properly on the majority of market-leading phones and tablets? Are images, headers and your message appearing as planned or are they badly cropped, misaligned, or even off the screen – embarrassing your company instead of converting customers.

A New Solution for Testing Mobile Ads

The answers to those mobile advertising questions are difficult, given the plethora of phones and tablets on which your ad must perform. Fortunately, online mobile testing labs like Mobilizer offer fast insights into what users actually see across a range of leading phones and tablets. At last, mobile ad display is no longer a cause for speculation, but is a matter of easy testing.

Fast visibility into advertising display ‒ downloadable as shareable screenshots and reports ‒ can ease the work of:

  • Marketing departments that need visibility into the success of their media spend and seek optimal display for their mobile ads
  • Media companies that host the ads, along with marketing agencies, who desire an elegant way to demonstrate to clients the user experience of the ad across an array of devices
  • Marketing tools like Moat that deliver analytics for mobile ads can highlight why your ad’s rankings may be higher or lower than anticipated.

Marketing pursues a fast-moving target – consumer fads and fashion – often one step behind. But now companies who are furiously rushing to advertise on mobile no longer need to play catch up. They can discover exactly how their ads are displaying and performing ‒ thanks to Mobilizer’s online mobile testing lab and its new advanced mobile analytics.

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